For the last  44 years, Somaliland history have been lost, erased from the world map, manipulated by the so called intellectuals of Ex-Somalia and all the books taken from International libraries and burnt so that no one can trace them. However, knowledge can not be erased from mankind's natural book the brain. The Intellectuals of Somaliland will defend the history of Somaliland by the Pen. No more would we allow our history to be manipulated and distorted right in front of our eyes. We must preserve our history  so that  our future generations know their history and culture. Thanks to the pioneers of the Internet that helped us build our nation in a unique way.

Masquerading successful Somaliland as failed Somalia, Bashir Goth
HAARETZ: Stockholm - The danger of genocide exists in five countries in Africa and Asia, according to an American expert who yesterday addressed the Stockholm International Convention on the Prevention of Genocide [Click Here to Read]

Response by Ibrahim Hassan Gagale to Aden-Add. A Gentleman of Somalia Aden-Adde: The Initiator of North-South Polarization, 24th January 2004  

The author's flashback is often surreal and daunting to revisit, sometimes distressing to read and ocassionally comical to believe
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The Samatars’ alternative to the ICG Report on Somaliland: Examined, by Hibaq Abdikadir Kosar
"During the recent civil war, the former socialist dictatorship deliberately destroyed all written documents that it could in the territory that is now the Republic of Somaliland. In particular, this includes all local copies of the many reports and proposals prepared by international organizations on the technical situation and opportunities in this new Republic. The new Government is currently working with practically no written documentation about its own Country, as well as without the technical information that it requires for its normal functions.".  Project Proposal, for creating a National Library in the Republic of Somaliland Davies Consulting GmbH [Click Here to Read]