Somaliland International Recognition Action Group(SIRAG)
London, UK

Press Release

The people of Somaliland have earned their recognition Internataionally

The nation of the Republic of Somaliland have worked so hard to establish democracy and peace in the Horn of Africa. As a result of this the Republic of Somaliland have reached a golden milestone in the history of Europe. The recent trip by the President of Somaliland His Excellency Dahir Rayaale and his high delegates have marked a golden historical opportunity for the nation of Somaliland. One must not forget that the people of Somaliland wherever they reside are always working hard for Somaliland to shine out from the Horn of Africa.

The latest trip organised by SIRAG for the delegates were to be held all day on the 25th March Germany. The meeting was organised by an EMP from the Foreign Office for International Peace and Security. The Hon. EMP supports Somalilandís case and arranged a group of parliamentarians including MPs for International Development to meet up with the delegates in Germany. The meeting also included high officials from the government including the Department for Africa. Unfortunately due to the tight schedule by the president and his delegates the meeting was cancelled in the last minute. However, a new golden opportunity has opened up for Somalilandís case and we will update you more on that in the near future.

Today the International Community is keen to hear Somalilandís case as a result of the peace, stability and democracy that Somaliland has maintained since regaining her Independence in 1991.

Recently, Somalilandís peace and stability has been targeted. However, what the enemy of Somaliland fails to realise so far is that this will only strengthen Somalilandís case for maintaining stronger democracy, peace and hence her recognition within the International community.

Somaliland will not bow down to anyone who is trying to hijack their democracy and will be more determined to secure their country.

Victory for the people of Somaliland, May Allah Bless Somaliland.

Marwo Lulu Farah
Chairwoman SIRAG