SIRAG is sending their condolences to the family, relatives, friends, government and nation of Somaliland on the death of Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Yusuf Madar, May Allah rest his soul in peace and admit him to His Paradise.

An honourable and great leader has departed from Somaliland. His legacy may Allah rest his soul in peace have laid down a solid foundation for Somaliland's democracy, peace and stability. A legacy that will stay in our hearts for generations to come. His vision for prosperous and peaceful Somaliland will Insha'Allah be kept alive at all times not only by Somalilanders but also by the guardians of humanity.

The future generations will  Insha'Allah honour your vision for peace and democracy in Somaliland. Farewell our great leader whose departure we will honour.


Marwo Lulu Farah
Chairwoman SIRAG